BBTN, Menebak Kemana Angin Bertiup (1030)


Sejak BBTN (930) berhasil menembus harga tertinggi sejak IPO di 880, maka dapat dikatakan bahwa Sky is the Limit. Kemana arahnya? menggunakan Fibonacci maka terlihat bahwa jika 950 tertembus lagi, target selanjutnya 990 (+6.45% upside) dan 1030 (+10.75%). Potensi mengalami koreksi ke 890 (-4.3% downside). Sell jika menembus level ini.

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2 Responses to “BBTN, Menebak Kemana Angin Bertiup (1030)”

  1. Insider Stories Says:

    I know tiny things about technical, which is actually interested to learn. So far, when I see stock trends, I usually use a fundamental side. I think it is tome to understand and learn how to read technical stock analysis

  2. Says:

    Both have an equal importance. Analyze the fundamental to know WHAT to buy, and technical to guide us WHEN to buy. A pure Technicalist do not mind fundamental because they believe in every chart, all surrounding factors already reflected in price movement. Pure fundamentalist don’t mind the price movement as they are a long term investor who expect a long term earning, deviden, & cashflow, not an instance capital gain.

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